Safest Home during the Pandemic Period

During this pandemic season, everyone aims at ensuring that their residence is safe and has a high level of hygiene. Green Kenya Investment Corporation being an environmental consultant and a real estate investment expert company, knows exactly the kind of environment that meets these needs. Living at Johari, Peony, or Nine Planets residentials guarantees you safety and exceptional hygiene. We care about your health, environment, and residence. CALL US NOW!!

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Apartment to Let

Johari apartments is an iconic structure located along Chania Avenue, Hurlingam just a stone’s throw away from the Yaya centre. It’s in close proximity to educational institutes, shopping destinations, and better connectivity.24-hour security. Backup generator. A clean compound. High-speed elevator. Perimeter wall surrounding the compound. Constant fresh water supply and solar water heater. Play area, parking space for 2 cars with extra parking space for visitors. High-speed elevator. Perimeter wall

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Looking for a New Home?

Johari Apartments – 4 Bedroom, Located at Chania Avenue Hurlingam, High Speed Elevator, Electric Fence, Standby Generator, Two Parking Bays+ Solar Water Heater, Swimming Pool + Gym @ Ksh 120,000 Nine Planets – 4 Bedroom, Located at Kabarnet Gardens, Swimming pool, Club house, Gym, Common garden, Generator for common areas, Security camera, 24-hour security @ Ksh 100,000 Peony Apartment + Servant Quarters – 3 Bedroom, Located along Hatheru Road Lavington, Elevator, Electric Fence, Standby

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How to Prepare for a Potential Recession

What is a recession? Many of you might have come across this word but many might barely know what it means. In simple terms, a recession is a period where an economy experience two consecutive quarters of decline after a period of growth. The recession may occur due to imbalances that build up in an economy and ultimately call for redress. Such other cases may be compared to the current

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YOUR VERSE OF THE YEAR “For unto us, a child is born, unto us a son isgiven; and the government will be upon Hisshoulders. And His name will be called WonderfulCounselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, andPrince of Peace. Of the increase of Hisgovernment and peace there will be noend………”Isaiah 9: 6-7 …………………………………………………………………MUTUA PATRICK NZOKA, OGWDirector General

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